Embaixada de Portugal no Irão
Embassy of Portugal in Iran

In the mirror image of a country that we glimpse into, the site of an Embassy is an entrance door for nationals or foreigners, in their search for information regarding various issues such as Tourism, Laws applicable to the Visa System, Culture, Art, Commerce and Exhibitions in all spheres.

The visitor who ventures in should, therefore, have at his disposal a wide range of information that is particular to that country (the History, the Culture, the Institutions, Commerce and Investment) and, as such, requires to have an access that is both rapid and, in every case, updated.

At the same time, the visitor should be able to trust the information regarding the conditions of the country that he is travelling to.

This is our intention. To maintain information regularly updated, bringing to mind what Portugal has to offer, at each moment, what it produces, what it exports and what it imports.

This criteria is applicable to all sectors.

Welcome to the site of the Embassy of Portugal in Tehran, where we will make an effort to maintain this mirror that reflects Portugal, in its most dynamic form, in order to seek the necessary elements and underline the fact that we are always open to suggestions, useful information, critiques and comments.


Mário Damas Nunes